Safety Shoe Store in Louisville, Kentucky

We have a Safety Shoe Distributors retail store location in Louisville, Kentucky. Look for the sign that says “Bootworks”! Whether you’re looking for waterproof boots to wear outside while you’re working in or near water or while it’s raining or snowing, non-slip shoes to wear while working in a restaurant setting, or steel-toed boots to wear while working in the construction non slip shoes and more at Bootworks industry, we’ve got you covered! We also sell multi-purpose safety shoes at our Louisville location; meaning we sell shoes that are both waterproof and non-slip, steel-toed and static-dissipating, or insulated and oil-resistant, and etcetera. We are fully stocked and loaded with all types, sizes and brands of safety shoes.

Come in and browse our stock of comfortable yet stylish work shoes – we carry a large number of safe, OSHA-compliant brands. Our most popular brand is Hytest, followed closely by Wolverine and Hush Puppies—but the list doesn’t stop there, so come in and check it out! It’s our mission to carry comfy, supportive, safe, and stylish work shoes at a price our customers can afford.

We also carry various work-related accessories such as boot spray, leather protectant and boot brushes. We even carry some work clothes. Chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our one-stop shoe shop.

Safety Shoe Distributors specializes in work footwear.

Our Centralized Louisville Footworks Store Location:

Come in and check us out!

4420 Dixie Hwy. Suite 104
Louisville, KY 40216
PH: 502-448-2424

Store hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm


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